How do I use the BreastBud?

Instructions here

Can I use the Breast Bud in place of an electric pump?
Yes. The Breast Bud encourages your let down while having the continuous suction and collects the milk. It is hands free and there are no wires involved. However, you cannot use this without the baby stimulating your breast. So if you wanted to pump some milk while the baby was sleeping or away from you, it would not work the same as an electric pump. 

How can I track my order?
The best way to track your order is to enter your email before you checkout. Once you purchase a product from us you will get a confirmation email. Once the product is shipped and on the way to you, you will get an email that the product has shipped and there will be a link to track your order. If you have trouble feel free to contact us.

Can I wear this while I sleep?
I would not recommend product to wear while sleeping. However, we do have our milk collectors that fit into your bra that would be a much better source for using while you sleep.


Do I have to keep manually squeezing the pump?
No. Once put on correctly, the suction is what encourages your letdown. No need to keep pumping or squeezing. 

Does it hurt?
No. The only reason it would hurt is if it was put in a bad position. Simply break the suction by putting your finger in between the Breast Bud and your boob. Then try to re-position it. 

Can I still breastfeed on the other side even if the Breast Bud collects milk?

Yes. Your breasts are technically never empty. Even if you use the Breast Bud on one side, while breastfeeding the other side, you can still switch to feed your baby.

Does it really double my milk supply?
When we say double, we don't mean it doubles the amount that your breasts produce. We just mean that your supply, what you have on hand, doubles because if you didn't use the Breast Bud if would have went to waste getting soaked up in a shirt or towel.

My package said it was delivered but I can't find it. What do I do?

Unfortunately we only have control of your order until the time we hand off to the courier. If the item has been shipped and tracking said delivered, you must contact your local post office for further information. Please look at our shipping policy for more information. 

My package was stolen. Will I get a refund?

 If package got stolen after it was scanned and delivered unfortunately USPS will not cover the loss. We will not refund for stolen packages. We hope you can understand as a small business all the cost we must carry compared to bigger companies.